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Chef D: The Food Visionary

A brand built from hard work, tears, poverty, determination and most importantly, hope.

Dwayne Logan, better known to many as Chef D or simply Chef, is fiercely passionate about food and often uses his talent to create unique dishes to achieve his goal of making others happy. Chef D’s company, DJL Kreative Kitchen, is a Canadian-based brand with a Caribbean flavour that creates high-quality products while aiming to change the way people see food.
Chef D’s dreams stemmed from his desire to care for his family and ultimately, see them happy.

“I get the push and drive from people enjoying the meal that I prepared with my own two hands,” he explained.

A hardworking man of faith, who values discipline and dedication, Chef D aims to make each dining experience different and increasingly better each time. He is someone who does not skimp on quality and ensures that he is applying the same standards and careful consideration, as though he was cooking for his own family.

His motto is “hustle hard,” which tells a clear story of his sheer hard work and drive. Chef D has always represented the hustle and hard work of someone with humble beginnings and pushed through every struggle and obstacle thrown his way. He never gave up, no matter how many odds were stacked against him.
As a young man, Chef D was full of hopes and dreams. He had a vision that he would someday be able to tell his story and motivate just one person, who might be inspired by his experiences. He may have started from the very bottom, but his drive and perseverance are imminent. And today, he is at the cusp of a new era; he is establishing a bold new brand with his own name.

The Early Years

Back in his hometown of Moneague, a small town in Saint Ann, Jamaica, Chef D recognized early on that he had a gift for bringing people together. He knew the secret recipe that would help others share something that would also make them feel good: a great meal.
As a child, learning to prepare his own meals was more of a necessity, but this led him to develop a natural creative flair for cooking, not just for himself but for others.

His career took off early in his teens. It was a natural progression as he had been cooking since he was old enough to build an outdoor cooking pit, where he would cook pork marinated with jerk seasoning on pimento wood or brown stew chicken with Saltfish "rundown" and dumplings.

At just 16 years old, Chef D ran a restaurant for the first time. It was there that he sold pan jerk chicken, roasted breadfruit and his own sauce to ensure that the flavour of his chicken stood apart from any other sauce sold throughout Jamaica.

From nature to the table, his ingredients were fresh and inexpensive. His supply came directly from fruit trees and breadfruit trees that were free to collect. It was important for him to not only create the freshest and tastiest dishes but also to be able to survive and continue to make a living on his own. This early experience became the birth of Chef D’s hustle and understanding of what it truly means to serve.

At the age of 18, his uncle gifted him $63,000 JMD (Jamaican dollars) to invest in his restaurant. With the money, Chef D was able to create a menu that included Chicken Back and Festivals, Rice, and Chicken and Chips.
Beyond cooking to survive and making his loved ones happy, it was in the church where he found his passion for cooking and became affectionately known by his nickname, Chef. Using a variety of ingredients, as well as anything that was available at the time, he would cook four-course meals for the congregation, ultimately attracting people to attend church events just to sample his dishes.

Hustle Hard

As you get to know Chef D, it becomes apparent that “Hustle Hard” is not just the slogan on his famous pepper sauces, but it’s the message that speaks to his entire journey to becoming a chef.

Chef D has seen and experienced an unimaginable level of poverty. He tells his story of getting up every day, motivated by the sting of hunger and seeking food from the trees in the gully. “We were poor,” he says, “the menu of the day depended on how long I could stand the hunger pain.”
It’s not exactly the foundation that would have anyone hoping for a culinary career in the future. However, Chef D used those tribulations as fuel to building his dreams and climbing the ladder of success. He did not want people to see him as just a poor young man, selling food on the side of the street. Instead, he wanted to be seen as an artist, making people happy with his unique take on local dishes.
Becoming a single, teenage father gave Chef D the motivation and permission to dare to finally live out his hopes and make his dreams a reality. 
He moved to Canada in 2014, which came with its own challenges, as migrating from the islands to North America usually means having to start from scratch. He had a huge dream, $250 CAD in his pocket and his young daughter in tow, but regardless of the obstacle, he was ready for the new challenges he would face.

Since moving to Canada, he was able to grow in many different aspects. His family expanded and he welcomed his sons into his life and dreams. His growing family was the added push to catapult his goals and dreams and make them a reality.


Leveraging his unofficial chef training in Jamaica, Chef D is on track to earn a Restaurant Owner Certification from the International Association of Professions Career College (IAP Career College). His next move will be to take Culinary Arts at George Brown College to train for his Red Seal.

Chef D believes that no matter what hard work and determination you might endure, nothing beats the satisfaction of success. His journey and first-hand experience of building his business from the ground up, drive his goal to give hope to other young people of colour. He aims to demonstrate that if he could make it, coming from where he started, then so can the young people of this generation.


Chef D: The Man, The Brand & The Experience

Chef D is a food visionary and culinary architect who designs inspirational dishes that burst with flavour, made with locally sourced, fresh ingredients. His drive, creative thinking and commitment to greatness are the foundation of DJL Kreative Kitchen, a Toronto-based catering business and product line that is inspired by dishes representing the culture and vibrant spirit of Jamaica.
The Chef D brand is driven by purpose, a dream and the pursuit of changing the way people experience food.

What makes Chef D unique is always staying true to his beginnings; keeping the same level of quality and sourcing fresh ingredients from local farmers and other small business owners within the community.

Chef D has a strong focus on the next generation and giving back to others. He explained that it has always been a dream of his to be able to teach young people the true definition of “Hustle Hard.” He wants to create a space for them to develop and cultivate their passion for cooking, to work hard and dream big. Most importantly, Chef D encourages them to start thinking of themselves as a brand. If he can change just one person’s life or outlook on the future, he believes that would be amazing.

Revolutionizing An Industry

Chef D says that his slogan “Hustle Hard” and tagline “Yu Zee Meh!” speaks to who he really is and who he wants to emulate. “Yu Zee Meh!” means “do you understand” in Jamaican patois/patwa. He wants others to know that he is the same person he’s always been and he won’t ever try to be anyone else. He wants to ensure that those around him understand his true self and acknowledge his culture and roots.

Whether it be through his culinary creations or his product and apparel line, his goal is to create something memorable for those who experience it. His inspiration and vision as a chef has always been ownership and to elevate his offerings, so he can create the opportunity to give back and help motivate others to realize their dreams.

Chef D is just one of many culinary experts preparing to make a wave in the food services industry - an industry that could thrive with more chefs of colour in the forefront. He advocates and encourages Black representation in the food services industry that goes beyond the average menu items and West Indian restaurant experience.

He feels excited and happy, yet humbled by the thought that the young boy once seeking out food on the sea-kissed shores of St. Ann’s Bay, Jamaica, is changing the way people enjoy food. He’s creating palette-pleasing food products that take your taste buds on a journey. It encourages him to continue to look forward and be ready for what comes next.

“Preparing food is an art form,” said Chef D. “Every day I cannot wait to change the way someone feels about the meals I prepare. I am motivated, yet humbled that someone who looks like me, can be seen as a food visionary.”

  • Member of the IAPO International Association of Professional Restaurant Owners
  • Professional Caterer